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  • Finca La Perla (La Perla Farm) is located in Huila, Colombia, Sur América
  • Today in our farm called Pearl, has an extension area of 140 hectares, with 60 hectares of Hass avocados, 10 hectares of banana Michael Gross, 10 hectares of lulo (naranjilla), 5 hectares of cucumber melon, 5 hectares of passion fruit and 40 hectares of native forest.
  • The Hass avocados, as the main product, have a production of 25,000 kilos per hectare approx. Right now, we are working in alliance with a group of 18 farmers and coffee producers in the Department of Huila and neighbors, to condition the land and the seed to plant 350 hectares more of Hass avocados.
  • We produce our own plant material which has a complete quality control in all processes, and guarantees our Agro network partners the best seed for their crops.
  • Advisory pre-sowing and planting, pruning and transfer of technology to our partners.
  • Responsibility of characterization rootstocks and clones exclusive of us with native patterns in our area.
  • Nursery certified by the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA)